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Thermographic Imaging

At Powertest we have the ability to help you using our Thermographic Imaging technology in Haywards Heath and throughout West Sussex.

Thermal imaging is one of the most valuable diagnostic tools for preventative maintenance. By detecting anomalies often invisible to the naked eye, thermal imaging allows corrective action to be taken before costly system failures occur.

While many electrical problems are mistakenly blamed on “loose electrical connections and terminals,” sometimes they really are the problem. Loose connections do result in higher resistances. High resistance connections do create heat, which is one of the biggest causes of electrical fires. If the connection is very loose, you can even see charred or melted thermoplastic insulation on the conductors with the naked eye, but not always.

When terminals are loose and under load, arcing can take place inside the threads, causing pitting that can’t be seen by visual inspection. When the terminal set screw is retightened, it does not compress the conductor and only seats itself at the point where the damaged threads are. Even though the set screw is now tight, the conductor is still loose in the terminal and overheating continues. Infrared thermal imaging inspections can find this type of defect reliably.

Benefits of Thermographic Surveys:

  • No downtime conducting survey, thermal imaging takes place during normal operating conditions.
  • Non-contact measurement tool.
  • Assists in prioritising preventative maintenance.
  • Flexible surveys - can be undertaken over the whole site, or confined to a smaller 'suspect' plant area, or as part of an annual planned maintenance programme.
  • Enables remedial work rather than facility outage.
  • Increased plant availability.
  • Avoidance of consequential damage - this can be damage to the installation itself, connected plant, or other damage due to fire or
  • Help to extend equipment's life.
  • Prevent increase in energy consumption due to temperature rise and faulty operation of equipment.

Electrical and mechanical equipment will fail. The question we can’t answer is, “When will it fail?” Often, deterioration produces warning signs that can be identified by a thermal imager, before the device fails. Properly trained and certified infrared thermographers can locate problems before they cause major issues. Be sure to work with reputable companies with known, good reputations.